Pipe Mastro Geppetto
Apr 2021

Mastro Geppetto pipes are born from the expert hands of the one who is unanimously considered the progenitor of the Pesaro school: Giancarlo Guidi, former founder of the Ser Jacopo della Gemma brand.
The collections of Mastro Geppetto summarize the tradition with classic shapes, differentiating themselves for the finishing and sometimes for the material used but always characterized by the attention to detail and the great usability typical of "Guidi" pipes, offering a line that is generally cheaper than the others. elaborated by the Pesaro master. The brand takes the name of Mastro Geppetto, carpenter and "Santa" of the puppet Pinocchio, who represents in the collective imagination the very essence of the craftsman, whose love for his art is so great that he manages to give life to a log of wood ...