| TRCL | A trip to the best terròirs in the world
May 2021



Made by LMDW, the «TCRL» range represents the knowledge of La Maison du Whiskey in the selection of high quality spirits, study of the design and transparency of the product.

TCRL tells us about the historic voyages of the barrels across the Atlantic between the Caribbean and Europe. For this, each bottle has achieved both continental and tropical aging. This information is clearly indicated on the label.

Depending on the succession of selections, different origins are sought that represent the different historical processing styles: Spanish, French, English and Oceanic. Small batches of rare barrels designed for connoisseurs and collectors may also be available.

Amateurs will discover four emblematic territories with their specificities, bottled at 43%, 48% and Nay Strenght. The Limited Editions will delight rum connoisseurs with rare expressions from remote distilleries, bottled to full grade.

Available on www.dalmoroshop.com