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Product of the Douglas Laing & Co. distillery comes from a careful selection of the best pure malt spirits. It is a Whiskey with a pleasantly fruity character, with soft and sweet sensations, accompanied by sweetly spicy nuances. It is the perfect choice for those who love a rich, enveloping sip with a persistent aromatic intensity. "Scallywag" is a Whiskey fruit of a long tradition, kept within the walls of a small and prestigious family business. Douglas Laing & Co. is an artisanal distillery whose fame is linked to the production of excellent single malts and blended wines that are particularly elegant and harmonious. Each Whiskey is stored in a single barrel, in order to keep its characteristics intact, without filtration or lowering of the alcohol content. The search for expressive purity guides the whole activity of the distillery, right from the selection of the malts. 

Douglas Laing & Co.'s Whiskey "Scallywag", at the end of the distillation process, is transferred for the aging period in ex Bourbon barrels or in the great Andalusian fortified wines of Jerez de la Frontera.

To the glass bright golden. The nose has a bouquet based on intense aromas of ripe fruit, orange peel, spices and dark chocolate. On the palate it has a warm and soft entry that extends harmoniously towards a persistent and balanced finish.


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46 % Vol.