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The Villa Zarri brand also produces a full-fledged Brandy collection. The label highlights the vintage and the years of aging, giving particular emphasis to the alcohol content of the final product. Born from wine, which at each harvest shows different characteristics according to the seasonal climatic trend, the full-grade Brandies of Villa Zarri derive from single distillates of a single batch of wine; Trebbiano Romagnolo from the 1989 harvest. Initially aged in small new oak barrels, the Brandies are subsequently decanted into so-called exhausted barrels which are used almost exclusively for the oxidation process of tannins and alcohol. Overall this Full Grade Brandy remains to age for 28 years. At this point the full grade Brandy is ready, without adding distilled water which would reduce the alcohol content. The result is a pure, totally natural product with a strong identity. The high alcohol content between 55 ° and 59 ° suggests, for a perfect tasting, to prepare the palate and throat by savoring a single drop of Brandy, passing it with the tongue on the palate. Once the senses of the whole mouth are stimulated, the real tasting begins in small sips, with a glass of water next to it to enhance the aromas. Dedicated to those who know how to enjoy strong and determined tastes, Villa Zarri's full-grade Brandy Millesimati are ideal when combined with simple flavors, such as intense dark chocolate, dried fruit, dates, blue cheeses, smoked meats or if tasted with a traditional good cigar. It has a very bright amber color. It immediately offers well-defined hints of roasted coffee, noble wood and beeswax to the nose, extended by a delicate blend of dried figs, crème brûlée and eucalyptus that fades into a suffused tone of licorice. On the palate, strength and character immediately conquer the palate, in a sumptuous and overwhelming succession of spicy and balsamic aromas with an interminable persistence.


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