Clairin Rum Ansyen Vaval 22 Months



Rum / Rhum / Ron

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While there are currently around fifty active distilleries in the Caribbean, Haiti has 532!

Clairins' productions are handcrafted, authentic and artistic! The sugar cane varieties used are not hybridized and are grown with completely natural methods. Harvesting is still done manually and the reeds are transported to the distillery with donkeys or ox-drawn carts. Obtained from fresh cane juice, spontaneously fermented, distilled in stills heated over a high flame and bottled under natural strength, the Clairins offer unexplored and surprising aromas all with very limited production.

This elaborate is a single cask from the Clairin distillery and has spent 22 months in ex-Rum barrels and has been selected by David Möller per il bar Hörnet in Svezia durante the Clairin World Championship 2018, where some selected expert bartenders were able to select Clairin of different origins aged in cask: Les Clairins Ansyens.


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