Samaroli Spanish Soul Blended Rum



Rum / Rhum / Ron

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Matured in Scotland bottled in 2018 by the Coilltean distillery by A.W.Bleve.

An Iberian-style assembly, burnt like Don Quixote's stories and noisy like Pamplona dressed up for the party.
Bouquet rich in scents including tropical plants and flowers.
The first impact on the nose denotes the powerful matrix of molasses.
From the glass emerges a powerful, structured body with a round and enveloping taste. 
Aromatic finish that turns on tobacco, vanilla and licorice. 
Matured in Scotland. Bottled in 2018 by Coilltean Int. Co. Ltd.
Blend composed by A.W.Bleve
184 bottle of 384 total in the world.
50 Cl
45% Vol.