Teeling Pot Still Irish Whiskey



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 The Teeling Whiskey Pot Still is made half from malted barley and the other half from unmalted barley. This process grants the distillate a creamy consistency characterized by sweet and fruity scents.

It is distilled three times through copper stills ranging from 9,000 liters to 15,000 liters. Using a combination of virgin oak, ex-wine and ex-bourbon barrels they have created what is an absolutely original Irish whiskey.

Once the cap is removed, we are enveloped in hints of vanilla, quince, cinnamon and banana along with rich aromas of sherry. On the palate it offers notes of toasted barley, salted caramel, dark fruit, winter spices and dried fruit with hints of red apples and milk chocolate. A product that cannot fail to be tried by whiskey lovers !!!


70 cl

46 % Vol.