Amara Caroni Coming Soon
May 2021

Amara is a liqueur made from Sicilian blood oranges and local herbs that is making people talk a lot about itself, because it has quality, class and a genuinely artisan soul. Apparently, however, the founder Edoardo Strano does not lack even the imagination and the desire to dare.
The intuition comes after a chat with Luca Gargano and the decision is made in an instant: some barrels that contained the legendary Caroni rum are shipped from the Caribbean directly to Contrada San Martino Piana, between Etna and the Ionian Sea.
Here we celebrate the marriage between the two islands, Sicily and Trinidad, a short but intense union: after 12 months of aging in five American oak barrels, the result is amazing: Amara Caroni adds a new layer of complexity to the typical notes bittersweet of orange peel and infused herbs. The softness of the white oak gives a hint of vanilla, while the personality of Caroni is still there, to put his signature on a great little masterpiece.
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