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Heliosos Distillery, located in Okinawa in the Rising Sun, is a company famous for its production of rum and awamori.

Not everyone knows that they have been distilling their own whiskey for several years using their rum barrels To complete this unique blended whiskey recipe, it is no coincidence that the full name is "Kura The Whiskey finished in Japanese Rum Barrels".

The distillate first spends a few years in ex-bourbon barrels and the last refinement is carried out in barrels that have previously housed Japanese Rum.

At the opening hints of toasted oak and a touch of musk, creamy lemon and soft malt capture the sense of smell ... in the glass it can be sipped with great serenity accompanying the fruition with strong hints of brown sugar, lime jam and a touch of earthiness.
Important finish with rye bread and a touch of bitter grapes.


70 Cl

40% Vol

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