Savanna Distillery 1870
Feb 2021


Today we want to introduce you to the Savanna brand.

Savanna is a distillery located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, in the volcanic Île de la Réunion. The island is a French overseas protectorate with wild and unspoiled nature.

The prevailing sugar cane on the island is the R570 and the island is a major producer of sugar, in fact it has 3 large secreteries inside.
What Savanna supplies is the Bois Rouge, adjacent to the distillery.

The uniqueness of Savanna is that it produces cane juice and molasses from both raw materials, developing the Grand Arôme style from the latter as well as the normal 'Traditionnel'. This type has almost disappeared in the Caribbean, it is rum from molasses produced with long and very particular fermentations and with a congeners content higher than 800 g / HLAP and a minimum ester content of 500g / HLAP. Rhum Grand Arôme has very intense and above all unique flavors, for particular blends or to be tasted straight.

In the Savanna distillery there is particular attention to aging, in fact a structure of pipes and valves has been designed that connect all the barrels that contain the younger rums, in order to move the liquid very frequently in the first 18 months in large stems to allow greater ventilation. For the more aged rums, on the other hand, there are about a thousand barrels all of French origin with an average capacity of 400 liters, plus dozens of barrels ex Cognac, ex Porto, ex Madeira, ex Sherry, ex Muscatel, ex Calvados which are often used to carry out the finishes with the different rums it produces, creating dozens of very interesting combinations, which it bottles as single drums in limited editions almost always at full grade.

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