Tuscany Leather, The real tanning art soon available on DalMoroShop.com
May 2021

A Tuscany Leather product is a product resulting from the experience and centuries-old tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship in the field of leather goods and tanning art. The TL product evolves over time trying to meet the new needs in the field of ergonomics and practicality, leaving the traditional message inherited from the 19th century Tuscan leather masters unchanged. Many of the creations have unaltered shapes typical of an ancient product but with modern functionality.

Even today, the various TL creations are assembled in an artisanal way using new technologies in the field of industrial automation. This is to be able to satisfy an ever increasing demand from our markets over the years. The leathers used are produced according to the old tradition typical of the Tuscan tanning art of the last century, using natural tannins in full harmony with the environment.

These are the elements that make TL creations authentic and representative of Tuscan craftsmanship. The excellence of the product is the result of the union between tradition and contemporary values.

The Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull'Arno is the place where the creations come to life, within a supply chain that takes care of the product from the selection of materials to the finishing of every single detail.
All in strict respect for the environment thanks to vegetable tanning, the fulcrum of our production philosophy. In fact, vegetable tanning uses natural substances, tannins, which give the leather unique qualities: warm shades that bring back to the surface a naturalness of lively and authentic colors.

The guarantee certificate is inserted inside the label, valid for 24 months following purchase and offered by the manufacturer. Together with the guarantee certificate, the value of the product is enriched by the presence of the hologram, applied on the front part of the seal, on which the company logo is embossed.

Thanks to its indestructibility and the micro-information relating to the brand contained in it, the hologram is an important tool for brand protection to guarantee all buyers of the quality, authenticity and origin of the product.
This certification is therefore essential for the protection of the brand and to limit the counterfeiting attempts of Tuscany Leather products.

Tuscany Leather was born in 2004 from an idea made of passion and hopes.
Passion for that often forgotten art, Tuscan craftsmanship, and the hope of redeeming its ancient value in the eyes of the prestigious international fashion contexts. The ambition soon became reality with the rebrand of a historic Florentine leather goods company, giving life to a company that today creates and distributes high quality leather bags with authentic Italian design all over the world. Today the company has decided to retrace the path that led it to success, re-proposing in an elegant bijoux those symbols that are the common thread for each creation and embody the values that Tuscany Leather has always pursued.
Tuscany Leather TL iniziali Brand




In addition to being the initials of the brand, they indicate the two elements that the company considers fundamental for its production philosophy: love for the Tuscan tradition and the use of precious high quality materials.
The two letters also give the name to the first successful collection, TL BAG, with a strong fashion character in both colors and shape.


The symbol of hope and change in life.
A meaning, the latter, which offers the company constant inspiration in its work.
Every single creation is in fact the result of careful research, in order to give life to an authentic product that can offer added value to the customer. The key also contains the Florentine Lily, symbol of Florence which is the origin and cradle of the Tuscan artisan tradition.
Tuscany Leather Chiave Fiorentina tradizione artigianale toscana
Tuscany Leather Ferro di Cavallo




Considered the lucky charm par excellence, it is a symbol of prosperity and success.
A success that continues to grow thanks to that same original idea on which Tuscany Leather has founded its roots: an excellent product can only be the result of a unique design and a careful choice of high quality materials.
These symbols have been joined in four different finishes which have been assigned a different meaning:
The gold of the T symbolizes Fashion, the brushed brass of the key indicates the Classic. The silver of the L is a symbol of Elegance, while the antique brass of the Horseshoe indicates Tradition.
A pinch of history to convey the quality and originality within this brand that we at DalMoroShop are pleased to present and offer you in our online shop.
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