Villa Zarri Brandy of Trebbiano Toscano with Tobacco


Villa Zarri

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The flagship of the Villa Zarri production, this 18 year old Brandy Millesimato 1998 has something more.
The base is made up of a Brandy from a single vintage, 1998: Trebbiano Romagnolo wine selected as raw material, distilled with a discontinuous method using Charentais copper alembic; the passing of the years in French oak barrels and the magic of the microclimate in which it ages make this Brandy an exceptional product. To this Brandy, already superior, a selection of Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany was then added by infusion. The result is a new product, refined companion of the slow smoking ritual: that of the cigar.
Not just a Brandy, but a "drinking cigar", or rather "drinking tobacco", as tobacco consumption was described in the 16th century.

Warm and spicy, slightly tannic, enveloping and with an exhilarating finish, characterized by an evident note of licorice wood.
Contains nicotine, take in moderation.
50 Cl
45 % Vol.