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A whiskey born in France, a barley producing country since the time of the Gauls. 
Amaethon French Whiskey is an exceptional distillate, a unique single malt born from the most ancient distillation techniques, according to traditional and ancestral methods.

The Amaethon French Single Malt Whiskey is left to age in sweet wood barrels that contribute to strongly enhance the aroma of the grain, Amaethon in fact takes its name from the Celtic god of agriculture, protector of the precious barley with which this whiskey was made, name that sums up this elaborate: a return to the basic essence of whiskey, the value and importance of barley and its distillation.
Straw yellow in the glass, fragrant scent of cereals, a complex of fresh and herbaceous hints accompanied by orange peel, vanilla, honey, licorice, lemon peel.
Waxy note that embraces the aromas, making the nose round and full while maintaining its freshness.

Soft on the palate, with walnuts, pears, citrus fruits, vanilla, honey, a touch of rhubarb and, of course, cereals. The freshness of the nose has been lost a little, but on the other hand it gains in warmth and enveloping, with a slight peppery that teases the aromas and keeps the attention high. Background sanded wood.
Medium long finish where walnuts and citrus scents prevail.


70 Cl
45 % Vol.