Frack Bitter Evening


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Frack Bitter Evening no to Fashion. Created from a unique and secret recipe, formed by the union of three previously prepared blends, of separate infusions and all processed fresh. The life of the infusion is preserved with our exclusive technique, thermo-refrigerated, which distinguishes the entire range of our products. The first blend, particularly complex, gives the bitter charge; the second blend gives it a unique roundness and finally the third blend composed of a Calabrian vinous base fortified by unique spices. A bottle of Frack closes on average, from the production cycle, in 12 months. Completely natural product, strictly not fashionable ... Some of its botanicals: Oranges bitter and sweet, BergamotRosemaryOriganGentianRhubarb and Limone IGP, all the rest is to be discovered .... ”Unruly since Birth. "


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24% Vol.