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This is our first release as an allotment of the Grape of the Art brand, and it is a real pride for us to present it to all Italian enthusiasts.

Lheraud 1967 is a Cognac Bons Bois, distilled from Guy Lheraud's Ugni Blanc grapes, cask no.15788.
It is aged for 56 years in a damp cellar and bottled at a cask grade of 46%
The realization consists of only 132 total bottles in the world.

On the nose we immediately perceive a deep pot-pourri of ripe fruits such as plums and cherries accompanied by juicy apricots, turning then to fine woods and intense notes of summer flowers, a wonderful contrast that gives the product a very pleasant robustness.
On the palate it remains surprisingly fresh and at the same time very rich and easy to enjoy, thanks also to oily chocolate tones and balsamic notes that give endless persistence.

70 Cl

46% Vol.

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