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The Hampden Estate

Rum / Rhum / Ron

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For the first time in its history, Hampden Estate presents a box set that brings together the eight famous iconic brands of its Pure Single Rum range. The incredible diversity of Hampden Estate rums has always been reflected in the wide range of expressions produced by the distillery.
Each distillate has an unmistakable aromatic profile, obtained following a specific formula, which combines a precise selection of raw materials and fermentation times and methods.
At Hampden Estate, each brand has a corresponding concentration of esters, expressed in grams per hectoliter of pure alcohol.
With each juice and its specific characteristics of aromatic intensity, flavour, body and structure, the distillery offers a wide range of powerful and aromatic rums.This set contains 8 marks, where the levels of esters are expressed in gr/hLPA. Each bottle is 200ml, with an ABV of 60%, all distilled and bottled in 2022. Limited edition of 5,000 boxes.


8 Btl da 20 Cl

Mark Esters (gr/hLPA) Meaning
OWH 40-80 Outram Warmold Hussey
LFCH 85-120* Lawrence Francis Close Hussey
LROK 200-400* Light Rum Owen Kelly
HLCF 400-600* Hampden Light Continental Flavoured
<>H 900-1000 Diamond H
HGML 1000-1200* Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson
C<>H 1300-1400 C Diamond H
WHILE 1500-1600 Dermot Owen Kelly-Lawson