Hatozaki Japanese Blended Whisky


Kaikyo Distillery


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The Japanese Blended Whiskey "Hatozaki" is one of the two products that mark the beginning of the adventure of the Yonezawa family within the Kaikyo Distillery, a reality expressly wanted to forge a new name within the Japanese Whiskey scene. We are faced with a centered label, which is orchestrated around a delicate profile in which the floral aromatic component is appreciated, the fil rouge of an always satisfying tasting. To be reserved for evenings in which spirits are the topic of discussion for enthusiasts.

It shows a lemon yellow color. The nose is enveloped by mainly floral scents, in which violet and jasmine play the part of the protagonists. It enters the palate with a delicate and harmonious sip, in which you can appreciate the smoothness of the sip, faithful and consistent in re-proposing the notes already perceived on the nose.


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