Hatozaki Pure Malt Japanese Whisky


Kaikyo Distillery

Whisky / Whiskey

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The world of Whiskeys is enriched with this Japanese Pure Malt “Hazotaki”, a “new” label that confirms the desire of the Yonezawa family to try their hand at a new line of products after having already invested in the production of Sake. A distillate with a gentle soul, which is appreciated for the kindness of the aromatic bouquet offered to the nose, where delicate floral notes alternate with subtle spicy references. A bottle branded Kaikyo Distillery perfect for cheering after dinner to spend in the company of friends.

In the glass it affirms itself with an iridescent color between yellow and amber, with some reflections that tend more to copper. The nose traces a floral profile, enriched towards the end of the olfactory analysis by slightly more spicy references. In the mouth it is harmonious, with a flowing profile in which the softness of a full and round sip is appreciated.


70 Cl

46% Vol.