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Hampden Estate Owh 2012 8 y.o.

A new formula for the famous Hampden Estate Rum.
After 265 years, for the first time, Hampden Estate aged rums are put on the market, marking a historic moment for all rum aficionados. The distillery, founded in 1753 in the uncontaminated area of Trelawny in Jamaica, is considered the best distillery in the world thanks to the production methods dating back to the 18th century and the use of natural raw materials exclusively from the surrounding area, without the use of additives or dyes.

Aged 8 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica, which is equivalent to 25 years of maturation in the more temperate European climate, this Hampden beautifully embodies the enveloping, complex and fine style of rum created by this emblematic distillery of the highest level.

Complex, dry and intense, its light spicy nuances and a delicately smoky taste give the palate notes of ginger, vanilla, dried black cherry, praline and resin, as well as bitter touches reminiscent of black chocolate and coffee.


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46% Vol.


Hampden Estate Hclf 2017 Classic Overproof

Hampden Estate HLCF Classic is a unique and exceptional rum: produced exclusively from the HLCF mark, it is the perfect bottle for connoisseurs and purists of high esters rums. HLCF means Hampden Light Continental Flavored, and is one of the marks that are produced at Hampden Estate, under which rums with a high concentration of esters are included, i.e. from 400 to 600 gr / hlpa. Despite the potency, made evident by the 60% alcohol content, this rum remains delicate and refined, with its toasted notes of wood and spices.

Hampden Estate has been active since 1753 in Trelawny Parish, known as the grand cru of Jamaican rum, and since 2009 it has started aging its pure single rums. As with all of its bottlings, this 100% Pot Still release was also produced with unique and partly secret methods, which have remained unchanged since the 18th century.

A unique aromatic profile for an exceptional rum.

Congeners content of 3606.9 gr / hlpa, of which esters 476.9 gr / hlpa.


70 Cl

60% Vol.