Karukera Rhum 2008 Fut 66




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The Karukera Single Cask 2008 selected from the barrel n ° 66 is a Caribbean rum of considerable complexity and in continuous evolution. It changes in the glass as the minutes go by, providing us with fruity, mineral, vegetable and empyheumatic sensations. A barrel proof bottled rum that certainly never gets boring.

Bright brown in color with coppery reflections on the nose, its depth and original complexity are perceived: from fruit to exotic, spicy and saline notes. In the mouth it is sweet and concentrated, the alcohol is very well integrated, mixing elegant woody saline notes with candied fruit and citrus. We also find notes of licorice, tobacco and spices. A very interesting and fruity rum, which goes from an exotic and bright profile to a darker and raw side, always maintaining an exceptional class.


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58,4% Vol.