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Le Petit "Acacia Burl Wood" by Les Fines Lames is a multifunctional folding pocket knife, which can also be used as a practical cigar cutter that allows you to obtain very clean cuts. It opens easily with one hand thanks to the Lens, a metal lever located in the blade extension, a typical feature of Piedmontese folding knives. Its 23mm opening can cut a 58 RG cigar in half and the cigar head up to 70 RG.

Acacia Burl is a hardwood shrub of extraordinary hardness. In many cultures a symbol of strength, rebirth and immortality.

An absolutely reliable product, suitable for both smokers and for those who always need a multifunctional tool at hand.

Pocket knife holster sold separately.


Acacia wood handle.

Weight: 60g

Length with closed blade: 11.5 cm

Length with open blade: 15.7 cm

Blade length: 6.5 cm

Maximum caliber cut: 70 cigars ring