Plantation Extreme n.5 Barbados Will 2007




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The West Indies Rum Distillery was founded in Brighton Beach in 1983 by George Stade, a brilliant inventor whose dream was to produce the best rum in the world. Its secrets are kept in the archives in the Distiller's Vault of the W.I.R.D. Today, Alexandre Gabriel, Plantation Rum Master Blender, revives this spirit of innovation with a constant stream of fermentation, distillation and aging experiments, exploring ancestral techniques with fresh eyes. Plantation Rum Extreme Series V proudly presents works of art by Barbadian artist Alex Mars, whose vibrant images capture the creative energy of Barbados. Rich, fresh and spicy on caramel, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, walnuts, cinnamon, coffee and crême brulée. Round and elegant on lemon peel, coconut and almond toasted with chocolate, tobacco, pepper and banana. Long and dry finish with spicy and chocolate notes.


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