Plantation Rum Trinity 2011 Trinity Distillers Cask Dalmoroshop and Baffo Elixir



Rum Trinidad

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Directly from Trinidad Distillers, the famous Trinidad distillery, we present this exclusive single cask Dalmoroshop and Elixir del Baffo.

Aged 11 years of which 9 years in ex-bourbon barrels, 1 year in ex cognac Ferrand barrels and final aging in Sauternes wine barrels.

The fruity notes marry with the eccentric indulgence of this British-style rum granting a sweet elegance thanks to the refinement in Sauternes which adds fragrant notes of white fruit.

A product that we offer to you exclusively, chosen through a careful selection of barrels with the intention of offering even the most demanding palate a product that will be remembered!


70 Cl

42,9% Vol.

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