Savanna Rum Traditional 2009 9 y.o. Single Cask 2019



Rhum La Reunion

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Savanna 9 Years Old Single Cask Traditionnel is a rum produced from molasses on the island of Réunion. It is a traditional rum, much more aromatic than most of the caramelized rums we know. Column distillate is completely aged in the tropics in old cognac barrels (French oak). 

It has an amber color. The nose is sparkling and slightly peppery.
In the mouth it reveals itself with graceful notes of coffee, almond and molasses, in a toasted but not burnt register. It then turns to black fruits, thick-skinned plums, and then roasted again with a handful of flame-burned walnuts. The woody note that is found in the middle of the palate is very greedy, its thick fiber stretches like that of a brioche and thus provides notes of custard with vanilla and pepper.
The finish is interesting and enveloping with notes reminiscent of white nougat.


50 Cl

49,9% Vol