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Caroni 1997 Spirits Shop 'Selection / The Legend Collection

Founded in 1923 on the site of the sugar factory from which it takes its name, Caroni was a key ingredient in the British Navy's rations, where its famous high-ester "Heavy" rums help create the distinctive flavor. Unfortunately, with the decline of Trinidad's sugar industry, distillers on the islands have become increasingly dependent on imported molasses, making distillation less and less economical. The writing was already on the wall when the Trinidad government sold Angostura a 49% stake in the holding in 2001. Caroni was closed in 2002 and a Behemoth of flavor was lost to the world.

A 1997 vintage, bottled for Spirits Shop Selection's The Legend Collection in 2018.

Aged in bourbon cask n. 65, this is one of only 220 bottles.


70 Cl

63,8% Vol.