The Macallan Classic Cut Limited Edition 2021


The Macallan

Whisky Scozia Speyside

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Introduced in 2017, the Classic Cut series reached its fifth bottling. For this limited edition, which exhibits fine notes of orange, ginger and cinnamon, whiskeys matured in both ex Bourbon and ex Sherry barrels have been selected and the alcohol content has been reduced up to 51%. The goal of Classic Cut is to show each year a different face of the profile of this great distillery, but always starting with the "classic cut" made when harvesting the heart of the distillate. One of the main pillars of Macallan, able to give great personality already to the white distillate.

Classic Cut 2021 should be drunk neat, perhaps comparing it with past editions. In this way we learn to perceive the greatness of a distillery like Macallan, capable of infinite variations on the theme but with a very strong identity.

Macallan stills are among the smallest and lowest in the entire Speyside production region. Furthermore, the descending neck favors a fast descent of the vapors. The result is the creation of a heavy and oily new make spirit, which constitutes the ideal base for long aging even in very marked barrels such as those containing Sherry wine.


70 Cl

51% Vol.