Torabhaig Allt Gleann 2021 Legacy Series Limited Edition



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Torabhaig is the second active distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
It has been the only new distillery on the island of the Hebridean archipelago for 190 years now.
This is the distillery's second bottling, released in July 2021 - as The Legacy Series - Allt Gleann.

Torabhaig represents a modern generation of contemporary Isle of Skye whiskeys and is for discerning whiskey lovers who appreciate the 'peaty whiskey' variety.

Each new bottling is driven by the desire to delve into the complexity of the peat aroma to produce a truly unique and balanced character.
"The Legacy Series - Allt Gleann" combines traditional and modern approaches with slow distillation in massive copper stills and traditional, longer than average fermentation in wood washes.
This gives it complexity and an extraordinary taste.
That's why the distillery talks about "Well-Tempered Peat," which is the foundation of each new bottling, which has already developed into the first four bottlings of the Legacy Series.
This series impressively demonstrates the compatibility of peat's complex taste and balanced character, which is created through constant optimization and tasting.
Torabhaig "The Legacy Series - Allt Gleann" is bottled in small batches of no more than 30 barrels each.

The distillery, which has been meticulously built in Torabhaig, is truly a product of its surroundings.
An abandoned and well-preserved farmhouse has become the new home of the Torabhaig distillery on the island, which has always been synonymous with outstanding single malt Scotch whiskey.
Construction has started a new era: Torabhaig is only the second legally operated distillery on the picturesque Isle of Skye and the first new one to have been built there in 190 years.
Torabhaig Single Malt Scotch is shaped by its homeland, the people, their curiosity and enthusiasm for innovation and shows an innovative course in whiskey making on the Isle of Skye.


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