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As is now tradition, the RomDeLuxe brand, at the turn of the Christmas period, offers the release of a coffret consisting of 3 special bottlings.
For this occasion it will be 3 bottles of 70 cl each united in a single box called "Unicorn Coffret"

The first is a rum from Guyana, from the well-known SWR brand, or better known as Skeldon, hat 19 years and a completely continental aging, bottled at a barrel strength of 64.2% ABV.

The second is rum from St. Lucia Distillers, with an SLRP brand. It is 21 years old and completely continental aging and is bottled at 47.7% ABV.

The third rum comes from a secret Barbados distillery, which is the oldest distillery on the island. Its brand is BMMG. It is 20 years old, it has an aging of 5 tropical years plus another 15 continental years, it is bottled at an alcoholic strength of 54.8% ABV.

170 Total box set in the EU.