Wild Nature Series RomDeluxe "The Bear Collection" No. 1 - Uitvlugt 30 y.o.




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A work that needs very few presentations. In Guyana there was this old distillery called Uitvlugt, based in addition to the large Uitvlugt sugar estate along the northern coast of Guyana. Here they produced rum until 1999, when the distillery was closed, and the old historic stills were transferred to the Diamond Distillery.

This rum has the MPM brand, which means that it was produced on a double wooden potstill called Port Mourant, a historic still because it produces extremely qualitative rums. 

If you are lucky enough to own a rum from the now closed Uitvlugt distillery, you need to know that you have grasped a unique piece of rum history. The Dutch-owned distillery in Guyana closed its doors in 1999 and the spirits, equipment and barrels were moved to the "Diamond Distillery" which is today the only surviving distillery in Guyana.

Distilled in December 1990
Bottling in September 2021
Tropical aging about 5 years
Continental aging about 25 years
208 Bottles in the world.


70 Cl

55,2% Vol.