Wild Nature Series RomDeluxe No. 24 - Panama



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Rum Wild Series n. 24, is a very particular rum that originates in Panama and combines all the best of the Spanish rum style with the types of smoked whiskey.

This rum is a blend of column rum and potstill distilled rum. It was stored for 20 years in the tropical climate of Panama, before being transported to Denmark, where we finished it in used Islay whiskey barrels for 30 months.

This combined the sweet and mellow notes of Panamanian rum with the markedly smoky character of the Islay barrel ... simply fantastic!

Distilled 1999

Secret distillery

Bottled in March 2022

Added sugar 9 gr./L.

Aged 30 months in ex Islay barrels

20Y Tropical aged, with a continental finish

Boot no. 345

1 of 254 total bottles produced in the world

70 Cl

63,70% Vol.