Winter Box - Clairin Vieux Sajous Caroni 5 y.o. 2017 - Plantation Rum Single Cask 2011 Trinidad Sauternes Wine Cask Finish



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Clairin Vieux Sajous Caroni 5 y.o. 2017

Beautiful and very elegant black and white bottle for this Clairin born in the Chelo distillery, in Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye, where Michel Sajous produces Clairin from sugar cane of the Cristalline variety.

This third edition of Vieux Sajous enhances the power of a Clairin aged for 5 years in barrels that contained 100% Caroni. The interaction between the distillate and the barrel has made this rum extremely complex, while maintaining the aromatic freshness of the raw material. A rich expression of chocolate, exotic and floral tones, with a lingering and soft finish.

A unique limited edition bottle!


70 Cl

52,14% Vol.


Plantation Rum Single Cask 2011 Trinidad Sauternes Wine Cask Finish

As lovers and obsessed with "Full-Grado", we would have been immediately too selfish to select a High/Over proof product which in most cases could dominate and disturb the smoke of any cigar from Cuban to Nicaraguan, from Dominican to smoker of Kentucky.
Our goal was precisely this, to try to satisfy smokers and tasters with a product that was soft, refined and within everyone's reach, always remaining the protagonist during the tasting experience.
Time has been a gentleman (more than a year of waiting) and patience has rewarded us.
The Barrel we have selected is a "double aged" product that absolutely speaks for itself... 

Distilleria Trinidad Distillery Limited
9 Tropical Years in Ex-Bourbon Barrel
1 year Continental in Ex-Cognac Barrel at the "Maison Ferrand" 
Final 3 months of aging in Sauternes wine barrels at the "Maison Ferrand"

#Cask 17 


70 Cl

42,9% Vol.