Winter Box - The Hampden Great House 2022 - Plantation Rum Single Cask 2011 Trinidad Sauternes Wine Cask Finish


The Hampden Estate

Rum / Rhum / Ron

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The Hampden Great House 2022

The Distillery Edition, here in the 2022 version, is a blend of the most representative marks of the unique style of Hampden Estate rums, a historic Jamaican distillery active since 1753. Located in the province of Trelawny, in the grand cru of Jamaican rum, and managed since 2009 From the Hussey family, Hampden Estate is known for having the best parcels of land in the country, with one of the highest yields per hectare. Here a unique rum is produced, characterized by spring water, prolonged fermentations and with wild yeasts, distillations in copper pot still double retort, tropical aging and no addition of sugar or additives.

Like the 2021 edition, these official bottlings represent a historic moment for the world of distillates, given that it is a rum that can normally only be purchased at the distillery, or in very rare editions outside the Jamaican market. The label takes up the design of the large house, where these incredible rums have been produced for over three hundred years.


70 Cl

55% Vol.


Plantation Rum Single Cask 2011 Trinidad Sauternes Wine Cask Finish

As lovers and obsessed with "Full-Grado", we would have been immediately too selfish to select a High/Over proof product which in most cases could dominate and disturb the smoke of any cigar from Cuban to Nicaraguan, from Dominican to smoker of Kentucky.
Our goal was precisely this, to try to satisfy smokers and tasters with a product that was soft, refined and within everyone's reach, always remaining the protagonist during the tasting experience.
Time has been a gentleman (more than a year of waiting) and patience has rewarded us.
The Barrel we have selected is a "double aged" product that absolutely speaks for itself...

Distilleria Trinidad Distillery Limited
9 Tropical Years in Ex-Bourbon Barrel
1 year Continental in Ex-Cognac Barrel at the "Maison Ferrand"
Final 3 months of aging in Sauternes wine barrels at the "Maison Ferrand"

#Cask 17

70 Cl

42,9% Vol.