"I Extra-Cuban Cigars"

It is common practice to identify cigars as Tuscan or Cuban, leaving aside a long and important history and tradition that should not be overlooked, especially in this historical moment.
Before Castro's nationalization, cigars produced on the Cuban model in other Caribbean countries were very little widespread, and generally considered products of very low quality.
Following the nationalization of the cigar industry, many Cubans emigrated to other Caribbean states (Davidoff and Bacardi for example) to found new production businesses and existing companies hired Cuban workers and experts who had left the country. Thanks to this policy, these companies have gained credibility and prestige, especially in the USA (where the importation of Cubans is strictly prohibited), currently threatening the supremacy of actual Cubans.
Basically today we can distinguish three types of Caribbean cigars (alongside the famous habanos of course): 
  • Dominican cigars
  • Honduran cigars
  • Nicaraguan Cigars

Some of the most famous brands produced in Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras are: Davidoff, Arturo Fuente, AJ Fernandez, Flor de Las Antillas, Flor de Selva, Joya de Nicaragua, Padron, Rocky Patel, Camacho, Avo.