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Rum Trinidad

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The 15 Years of Caroni is a rum distilled and aged for fifteen years on the island of Trinidad. On the bottle you can read "From the last Trinidad molasses", which indicates that it is the last rum in history to be produced directly from sugar cane grown and processed on the island of Trinidad in the southern Caribbean.

It presents itself to the eye with a golden color and as soon as the cap is removed it is enveloping and full of personality with notes of exotic fruit and oriental spices. In the mouth it is warm and silky. In the retronasal, exotic fruit and minerality re-emerge. An extraordinary rum whose aroma is composed of the scent of chocolate, citrus fruits and sweet spices, accompanied during the oxygenation by notes of toasted wood, tobacco leaf and candied fruit; in the background a balanced and wonderful note of sherry. In the mouth it is full and medium-bodied robust. The aromatic explosion on the palate reveals notes of oriental spices and a subtle citrus note that is accompanied by a good presence of sherry, cocoa and tobacco. Balanced, quite soft, powerful and long in the finish.


70 Cl

50% Vol.

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