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The Chartreuse liqueur dates back to 1605, when in a monastery near Paris the monks received as a gift from the marshal of Henry IV a manuscript showing the recipe of an alchemist with great knowledge of herbs and the ability to treat them to create a beneficial remedy.

After years spent trying to interpret the manuscript, the first practical formula for the reproduction of this “long life Elixir” was drawn up in the early 1700s. Nowadays this recipe is reproduced exclusively by the Chartreuse monks, who refer to the ancient manuscript to recreate what is now called the "Grand-Chartreuse vegetable Elixir".

The recipe, kept secret, contains 130 herbs which are macerated in quality alcohol and subsequently distilled. It then proceeds to aging in oak barrels in the evocative cellars of Voiron. This liqueur was created in 2005 to commemorate the manuscript's 400th anniversary.


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