Founded by John McDougall in 1815, over the years it has gone through a history made up of a thousand vicissitudes, similar to that of many other distilleries, dictated by changes of ownership, sudden and lasting closures, and above all characterized by numerous adversities.
Today the distillery is owned by the LVMH Group, which has the merit of having restored a lot of hope and trust to the lovers of this product. The labels currently on the market are all characterized by the same desire for tradition that prompted the distillery to bottle without any cold filtration. The historic stills are still used for distillation, and the choice of waters is meticulously cared for. Currently considered as one of the most modern and technologically advanced distilleries, today Ardbeg can easily be defined as a cult brand, made for those who want to rediscover the classic strong peated taste in a single malt whiskey from Islay.