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tabaccheria dal moro nel passato
                                  Just 2 km from Viterbo, around the splendid late Renaissance sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna, there is a small inhabited center, the village of La Quercia, a name born from an intertwining of history, faith and legend.

A small cluster of houses that grew up around this majestic hub, "our" precious village, which, although small, is equipped with all the necessary services for daily life, and we are among them.

 Our Tabacchi, born as a resale in 1918, was immediately an important point of reference for the community, from a small shop of basic necessities, to a real place of aggregation and socialization, as well as a specialized commercial activity and service center. available to the citizen.       

 In 2013 Tabacchi Dal Moro was born, a totally new shop, redesigned both from an aesthetic and functional point of view by the Viterbo architect Martina Lorenzini, for an innovative concept of sale and use.

Not a simple tobacconist, but a real point of reference for fans of cigars, pipes, leather accessories, spirits and much more ...

 A complete reinterpretation of the furniture has allowed us to integrate it with different humidified cabinets for all types of cigars: Italian, Cuban, extra-Cuban, Dominican. Large exhibition space is dedicated to our vast offer of pipes, and a separate corner houses our selection of bottlings.                                           


 Ready to welcome you and guide you in choosing the product that best suits your tastes and needs ... but also present online to reach you if you can't physically do it!

 This is our new adventure: a site designed in detail to provide you with all our passion and expertise, thanks especially to our fantastic Web-Master Tommaso Caporuscio, a special person as well as a great professional who guided and supported us in the realization of our online shop.

                    Everyone should be able to carve out a personal space in which to relax: a good glass to sip and a cigar to savor are the perfect side dish, at least in our opinion ...


See you Dal Moro! 

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