We are in Tuscany, and the Fontodi winery has been owned since 1968 by the Manetti family, historically active in the production of renowned terracotta, and now also engaged in the production of high quality wines.
Located in what is known as the "Conca d'oro," corresponding to the area of Panzano overlooking the Pesa valley, the Fontodi winery is certified organic, and conducts its rows of vines with full respect for nature and eco-sustainability, employing neither pesticides nor chemicals of any kind, so that season after season it arrives at harvesting grapes that meet the highest quality standards.
From the deep respect for the environment, this is how pure wines are born, true expressions of the varietal and the territory from which they come. Being able to count on modern winemaking and aging rooms, built on decreasing levels so as to take advantage of the force of gravity, the maximum integrity of the grapes is kept intact, so as to enhance the character and elegance of each wine.
It is in this way that in the heart of Chianti come to life bottles of the highest level, that is, labels - those bearing the name "Fontodi" - of great matter and longevity, capable like few others of presenting to the glass the most authentic traits peculiar to the sangiovese grown in this corner of Tuscany.
From the Chianti Gran Selezione "Vigna del Sorbo" to the "Flaccianello della Pieve", we move on to the "Case Via" line, including a Pinot Noir and a Syrah, and then to the "Meriggio" and the Vin Santo del Chianti: simply extraordinary wines, able to excite from the first sip, and capable of involving in every way. Wines truly like others it is difficult to meet.