Jean Grosperrin has worked for years, since 1991, as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of cognac. Most winemakers in the Cognac region have always kept small quantities of eaux-de-vie in their cellars, which over time become real treasures. In 1999, tired of seeing special lots disappear, Jean Grosperrin privately bought some barrels of aged cognac, which his family bottled on a small scale, telling the story and age of each of the lots, for the first time in Cognac. In 2004 Jean retired and gave way to his son Guilhem, who not only continued to enrich the cellar's collection, which today has reached over 700 very rare barrels, but has also begun to intervene in the aging processes. In the Grosperrin Cognac cellars, each lot, carefully selected and aged, has become the living testimony of a terroir and a family history.