Mastro de Paja Pipes

The Mastro de Paja pipes, known and appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world, are born from the creativity and mastery of expert and highly skilled artisans.
Unique and inimitable pipes because they are born from the unrepeatable meeting of precious Mediterranean roots, various in terms of direction and quality of grain.

Always varied designs, original lines and a deliberately limited production make Mastro de Paja pipes, always worked exclusively by hand, objects intended for the most demanding and refined collectors, that is, those who love to feel the pipe as "their own", unique and different from any other.
But the Mastro de Paja are not only this.
Beautiful and loved, they are also excellent pipes because they are worked with care by those who know them: it is in fact important to know and respect all the characteristics of the material used to complete a perfect craftsmanship that is a synthesis of formal beauty and functionality.
Strict checks and selections in the long road that goes from the log to the match and an additional seasoning to the normal one give Mastro de Paja pipes, right from the first smoked, that full taste that they will then keep intact throughout their long and extraordinary life.