Papa Rouyo

The story begins with Charles Albert Ruscade, who would later be known as Papa Rouyo: born in 1900, the son of farmers, he worked as a sharecropper all his life in the region of Le Moule, in eastern Grande-Terre. After sixty years of work, Ruscade would have had the right to buy the land that he had worked with scruple and dedication, but there were problems, and a legal battle was necessary, fought and won in 1997 by his daughter and grandchildren, the Galli family . In 2018, Papa Rouyo's grandchildren and a community of Le Moule farmers discussed the best way to valorise the exceptional local sugar cane. The idea of Judes Galli, grandson of Papa Rouyo, and his son Joris was to produce something local, which was both traditional and different. Papa Rouyo rum is therefore born from the passion and talent of the "maîtres-canniers", who work in synergy with the producers. The first white rum, called 'Le Réjéton' – the scion – came out in 2021.