"How to Smoke a Pipe"

A small handbook for all those who want to learn or deepen some aspects of the world of the pipe.
Let's start from the "first step", that is from the management of the tobacco to be inserted in our beloved pipe.
The tobacco must be well shelled and prepared in small heaps.
The first ones just placed at the bottom of the stove, the others just pressed.
Accurate loading means good draft (and good draft means avoiding bellows puffs and therefore avoiding that the pipe burns, that the tongue burns, that too much humidity forms). Equalize the surface of the tobacco with thumb strokes, eliminate the filaments that come out of the edge of the stove.
Never forget: relax, enjoy your smoke and manage your time.
Anyone who has the habit of smoking cigarettes thinks they have to do the opposite! Pulling hard and quickly causes all the inconveniences that lead to abandoning the pipe: excessive heat, drizzle, irritated tongue. The right rhythm of the pipe is acquired little by little and must be absolutely serene and placid.
From time to time, press the burning tobacco to restore the optimal draft. If the pipe goes out, it lights up again, nothing tragic! The ash collaborates in a regular and peaceful combustion: before relighting, if ever, the ash that comes out spontaneously can be eliminated by turning the pipe upside down.
The pipe should not be drawn. Tobacco is savored between the palate and the nose. The pipe smoker doesn't burn tobacco, he tastes it. It can also be relit several times, but it is not advisable to persist in smoking the damp and compact melt, which can sometimes form in the stove. 

After smoking, it is necessary to empty the stove using the pipe cleaner and working delicately to eliminate ash and tobacco residues. Never strike your pipe against a hard surface, not even the heel of your shoe. Blow vigorously into the mouthpiece and then pass the brush two or three times with a back and forth movement. Naturally, without opening the pipe, a very dangerous operation when the pipe is hot. And so you have also prepared the next pipe!!!

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