New Romdeluxe Releases

From Trinidad to Belize, from Australia to Jamaica, the Romdeluxe Wild Series collection is enriched with new bottlings.

The brand new Wild Series Origin makes its debut, made up of exclusive white rums ready to be savored alone or in cocktails.

The Wild Series also continues with 4 new single casks: the n. 39 Jamaica, the No. 40 Australia, the No. 41 a wonderful seventeen year old from Belize and n.42 a sigle cask from Trinidad Distillers Ltd.

Dulcis in fundo 3 fantastic Magnums of the Wild Series from the Diamond distillery in Guyana with Versailles pot still, 2 under the MXDC mark and 1 under the MEE mark.

(The new products are in reservation and will be shipped once the customs clearance procedures have been completed)


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The combination of rum and Caribbean cigar is one of the most classic and revisited in history. Visit our proposals


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In Cuba in 1492 the Spanish expedition commanded by Christopher Columbus saw tobacco for the first time in the New World. The Taino Indians rolled up and burned mysterious leaves, which they called "Cohiba", in a ceremony unknown to explorers. Since that starting point, more than five hundred years ago, tobacco has been traded and planted all over the world. Since its discovery, Tabaco Negro Cubano or Cuban Black Tobacco has been considered the best in the world due to the unique growing conditions in certain areas of the island. This distinction remains incontestably valid after more than five centuries.
The heart of the distinction is tobacco and its taste born from a combination of four factors existing on the island: the soil, the climate, the varieties of Cuban black tobacco seeds and the know-how of growers and cigar manufacturers. We are waiting for you in the shop to present them to you in person, in the meantime you can learn more about the history of the Cuban cigar in our in-depth analysis


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