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For the first time in 305 years, the Dutch import company Scheer, in collaboration with the Genoese Velier, has agreed to put its name on a label and does so within a revolutionary project for the world of Rum: a double release that gives the possibility to compare two Jamaican Rums, produced in the same distillery, both aged for 14 years but in two different areas.
One aged in the tropical climate of birth in Jamaica. The other, however, in the English continental climate, precisely in Liverpool.

These are two Vatted Single Rums, distilled in Pot Stil at the Monymusk Distillery.
The Tropical Aging is a blend of 10 EMB 2006 casks, 2 EMB 2004 casks and 4 EMB 2002 casks totally aged in Jamaica (Foreign: 324.5 gr / hpla).
The Continental Aging is a blend of 12 cask of EMB 2004, totally aged in Europe (Foreign: 129.9 gr / hpla).

The tasting of these two Blends offers the incredible possibility of noticing the differences between tropical and continental aging. In the first, in fact, the faster evaporation of the distillate makes it more complex, enhancing the aromatic range at the expense of quantity. The second, on the other hand, enjoys colder temperatures during aging which significantly reduce the percentage of angel share

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