The Macallan 12 y.o. Sherry Oak Cask


The Macallan

Whisky Scozia Speyside

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The Macallan 12 sherry oak cask it's a whiskey very full-bodied, sumptuous, a riot of ripe fruit, flowers and spices raised to maximum power. In two words it is a bomb of overripe flavors, due to the long aging in sherry barrels.

It is the Macallan style, a distillery famous for its full-bodied and oxidized whiskeys, where the fruit does not point to finesse, but to extreme intensity. We are not at the highest levels ever, we are far from the pindaric peaks of the Macallan 18, this is the first sherry-centric whiskey in the distillery range, the entry level product, however it offers a good intensity. 

The bouquet is all played on a greedy and warm fruit, very ripe, with plums, dates, raisins that gracefully alternate with distinct and well-designed floral tones. Caramel is present, but tempered by citrus notes. Vanilla and sweet spices are very subdued in the background, but the most exciting part are the decadent notes of raspberries in alcohol, nuts and all the dried fruit, the nutty tones that come from sherry. Very subtle herbaceous to give light strokes, light smoky tones, but not peaty. Clean finish. Compared to Macallan 12 double oak it is fuller, more mature and fuller.

On the palate it is velvety and full of character, an almost tannic background due to dried fruit, but it is greedy, soft, driven by a herbaceous vein that keeps the whiskey dynamic throughout the sip. The orange marmalade, caramel, cooked apples also return to the palate, but it never becomes heavy, redundant in oxidation and remains clean until a woody finish.


70 Cl

40% Vol.

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