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Made by Richard Seale, the king of Barbados, Bajan rum producer and now owner of the Foursquare distillery, R.L. Seale's 10 Years is produced by assembling rums distilled in a single column Pot Still still aged at least 10 years in barrels previously used for the production of American bourbon.

Today Foursquare Distilleries produce two main labels: Doorly's and Foursquare. The first is the backbone of the company and historic Barbadian rum brand, the second expresses all of Richard's creativity and audacity in experimentation, giving life to limited production bottles. 

The R.L. Seale's Finest Barbados Rum Export Proof differs from the locally marketed "Old Brigant" version in being dedicated exclusively to the foreign market with a higher alcohol content and a wider variety of aromas.

On the nose the aromas of coffee, chocolate and vanilla stand out accompanied by notes of fresh fruit and mandarin which we also find on the palate and which pleasantly characterize the tropical, decisive and unmistakable taste!

70 Cl

46% Vol.

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