Velier Royal Navy Very Old Rum


Velier Royal Navy

Rum Caraibi Blended

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Velier Royal Navy was born from the desire to recreate the blend of the Royal Navy, but with the Velier approach, therefore the best possible. The Royal Navy were blends of young rums from the various British Caribbean colonies, then darkened with an abundant addition of caramel. Velier Royal Navy, on the other hand, is a blend of the most aged rums from Trinidad, Caroni to be exact Aged in the tropics for at least 20 years, rums from Guyana aged in Europe for more than 15 years and a blend of Jamaican rums aged in the tropics for more than 12 years. The average final aging is 17.42 years, the master blender was Luca Gargano, who personally created the blend. To be consumed straight: there is no better way to appreciate a rum so complex but with an extremely pleasant drink.

A curiosity: the two characters portrayed in the label's crest are Amleto Mori and Sergio Storti, two of Veiler's most historic collaborators, present in its offices since the early years of Luca Gragano's management and still in business. Velier pays homage to them like this: portraying them as "good" pirates, as opposed to the "bad" pirates who drank rum on the ships of the British colonizers.


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