The history of the Italian pipe

The Savinelli story begins in 1976 when Achille Savinelli Sr. opens in the center of Milan one of the first stores in the world that exclusively sells items for smokers.

This small shop, which among other things still exists today, gradually became a meeting place for passionate smokers where they could exchange ideas, experiences and advice.

It was in that shop that Savinelli Sr began to design his pipes, produced manually by Varesini artisans, thus giving life to what is today probably one of the most known and acclaimed brands of smoking items in the world.

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Drouin House

Calvados Drouin Experimental

In the 1960s, the father of Christian Drouin, an industrialist from Rouen and a collector from Calvados, bought the Fiefs Saint Anne estate, on the hills of Gonneville, near Honfleur, with the desire to build one of the best Calvados in the Auge region. .

Ten years later, his son joined him to start the business in 1979. Drouin is truly a "Triple A" product. A good part of their production comes from their still tall orchards. The depth of Drouin thousandths is unique in the world, as is the collection of medals received in international competitions.

The Experimental series was born from the desire to combine the excellence of Calvados Drouin with unique affinities, from Hampden to Long Pond, from Hine Angels to Mars Angels.

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