Dennery Superior St. Lucian Rum


Saint Lucia Distillers

Rum / Rhum / Ron

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"We have always believed that excellence is not for everyone. Our focus is on those who do not give up"

This is the philosophy that Silver Seal Company and the patron Max Righi have distinguished themselves among the best "Independent Bottlers" in the world. 

Since 1979 they have been selecting real rarities and selecting casks of excellent quality, attracting attention from the best collectors and tasters in the world.

Dennery Superior is a bottling of rum from the renowned distillery of Saint Lucia, matured in Scotland as per S.Seal Company tradition.

An absolutely refined and at the same time versatile distillate for non-pretentious tasters. Proposed at 43% abv, it is well suited to a generalized and absolutely compliant taste even when paired with a Cuban cigar.

Absolutely worth tasting product.


70 Cl

43% Vol.