Habitation Velier White Hampden Jamaica Pure Single Rum


Habitation Velier

Rum / Rhum / Ron

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The white Rums "Pure Single Rum" represent a category of Rum which, although still little known, is undoubtedly the most original of sugar cane. For this reason, the "Habitation Velier" project comes to life, at the base of which is the establishment of a close collaboration between Luca Gargano and the best Pure Single Rum distillers, who produce their spirits using pot stills. This is how the Habitation Velier labels are born: Rums bottled cold and without filtration, which do not know additions of any kind. Rums that, if they are vintage, age entirely resting in a tropical climate, whose conditions guarantee, while at the expense of the quantity of the product, a natural accelerated aging compared to aging performed in a continental climate.

This is a work of extraordinary refinement. A Jamaican White "LROK" with authentic aromas and flavors and as capable as ever of bringing sugar cane to life in new generation cocktails and drinks. The "LROK" is produced using the discontinuous method, and is then bottled at full grade, with 350 g / hlpa of esters.

Absolute transparency in the glass. The aromas are fresh and deep, the sugar cane mixes with touches of fresh and exotic fruit and more herbaceous nuances. On the palate it is full-bodied, rich and fruity, giving a noteworthy persistence.

70 Cl

62,5% Vol.